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Get a dedicated team ready to take full responsibility for PPC advertising and analytics for your business
Google Ads Management
You will work with a team that knows all ins and outs of Google Ads platform. We can plan and execute a full range of Google Ads management tasks, from strategy development to post-click optimization in:

  • Google Search
  • Remarketing (Display, Search, YouTube, Gmail)
  • Google Display Network
  • YouTube Ads
  • App Campaigns (iOs, Android)
  • Gmail
Facebook Ads Management
We build and manage Facebook and Instagram Ads campaigns with a laser focus on ROI based on your unique goals and objectives. We can help with:

  • Account Management
  • Strategy Planning
  • Creative Creation or Curation
  • Copywriting
  • Audience Analysis
  • Ongoing Manual and Tech-driven Optimisations
Before launching campaigns, the very first thing we do is establish clean and reliable data infrastructure:

  • Google Ads conversion tracking
  • Google Analytics goals & audiences
  • Google Tag Manager
  • CRM integrations
  • Data Studio dashboards
  • AI and machine learning tools for bid management and A/B testing
  • Third-party analytics and tracking tools
They know what they are doing and are very professional. We saw dramatic improvements in our CPC and conversion rates in just 3 months.
Vincent Thilly
Head of Marketing at ipan/Delegate
Our cost per lead (CPL) used to be around $150, but now it's closer to $50, so they drastically reduced that cost for us.
Marylise Fabro
Head of Sales and Marketing at Hostme
A dedicated team with a data-driven, iterative and performance-based approach
Dedicated team
At least three members of our team are assigned for a project: a PPC Specialist, a Project Manager, and an Account Manager. We communicate clearly, answer emails in 24 hours, send regular reports and are ready for video meetings.
We estimate any progress or efficiency of an advertising campaign by data rather than by guess, intuition or personal experience. The same goes for any activities that we perform within an account to achieve the results required by your business.
Our default approach to PPC management is "start small & scale conservatively based on the performance" as it helps keep costs in control and invest the budget wisely. Once we have a campaign achieving performance goals, we can pursue expansion opportunities based on performance and insights gained from managing the account.
We are the advocates of "Build > Measure > Learn" approach and follow these principles of "Agile Marketing":

  • Adaptive and iterative campaigns over Big-Bang campaigns.
  • The process of customer discovery over static prediction.
  • Many small experiments over a few large bets.
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